We’re excited to announce that an update to WorkDeskPro coming this weekend, will bring added functionality including Automated invoicing, Purchase order management and compliance surveys.


Tracked job costs are calculated automatically using engineer location and arrival times. Combined with parts and purchase orders attached to your jobs, invoices are generated automatically and accurately at the click of a button, along with your branding, information and T’s & C’s. As always, keeping things simple has been our focus with this new functionality, but that doesn’t mean there’s not some really clever things happening under the hood!

Engineers can use the mobile web version of WorkDeskPro to easily request purchases against jobs, which can then be approved by the management team.




Last but not least, the custom survey tool means engineers can be prompted to answer pertinent questions when arriving or leaving site. This means that many of your compliance, health and safety and legislative commitments can be met and recorded for later access.

To find out more, take a look at the features page or contact us to arrange a demonstration at your convenience.