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Take a look below at some of the intelligent and intuitive features on offer from WorkDeskPro. The functionality revolves around the users and the jobs within the system and caters for field service companies with a workforce out on the road, attending to their clients. Management of these resources is simplified and streamlined, allowing for better organisation and ultimate profitability.

Real Time Job Info

When things are happening, you need to know about them immediately. There’s no need to wait for updates at the end of the day as live data submitted into the system is immediately available to everyone who needs to know. Engineer arrived, Job completed, risk assessment completed, job invoiced. Know now.

Automated Notifications

We all need a reminder sometimes. That’s why you can customise WorkdeskPro to send you notifications upon key events, such as letting your engineers know of new jobs, or alerting your client with your estimated time of arrival.

Self Service

Give your customers the control they crave, by allowing them to create and update jobs using the system themselves. Creating an account for individual customers or sites is easy and once they have access they can see exactly what’s going on with the job – saving your business valuable time in phone calls and chase ups

Manage your clients

The customer database stores all of your client details, so it’s always at hand. This information is available to every user with permission, so address, contact details and rates are always available when you need them

Mobile Ready

WorkDeskPro was designed to work with mobile devices from day one, meaning no shoehorned, lacklustre mobile version. WorkDeskPro Mobile means your engineers and technicians can see and update job information in realtime, so data is fed back to the office instantly.

  • Nothing to Install
  • Works on iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and many others
  • Simple and fast to use – Lightweight & low bandwidth
  • View and update job data
  • Update Notes and job closeout information


Where are my engineers? Where were they this morning at 10am? How can I best plan my schedule for the day? These are questions that become trivial button clicks with Workdesk Pro. Easily plan routes and schedules using the mapping tools and get latest location data on your engineers.

Automatic Timesheets

By making it incredibly easy to check-in and out of jobs, Workdesk Pro will take care of the timesheets for you – making invoicing and resource allocation a simple task. Labour times can be broken down by client, job, engineer or even subcontractor work.

Powerful Reporting

With all this data, comes great responsibility… With Workdesk Pro, you can see a high level overview of your SLA’s, response times, Costs and much more. If you need to, you can drill right down into the detail.

Quotes & Invoicing

Creating a quotation or estimate has never been simpler with Workdesk Pro’s Quotes module. Information entered including parts and labour are automatically compiled into your template to generate a PDF quotation and approval system. Once approved, quotes can be converted into actual jobs with a couple of clicks. Invoices are also a breeze – calculating job costs automatically and allowing you complete control.

Certificates & Risk

Paper, paper, paper. That’s what Workdesk Pro is designed to reduce – saving you time and trees. The Forms module allows you to create your service reports, risk assessments and any other paperwork you normally fill in onsite. Having these digitised means no more hunting high and low for client documentation.

Easily Schedule Work

When new work comes in, Workdesk Pro makes it easy to assign staff, allocate time and schedule the engineers planner for each day. You can manually fine tune the selections or use Smart Schedule to take care of the heavy lifting for you.

Parts & Labour

Capturing accurate job costs is an ever important aspect of the service industry. So much so that with Workdesk Pro, you can have your engineers easily add parts they’ve used by selecting from the database, input their hours they’ve spent on site, and have the costs calculated automatically. The system can even track the time for you, with Automatic Timesheets.

Web Based Interface

Workdesk Pro lives in the cloud and is accessed via web browsers and mobile devices. Sounds simple, but this is important to you as it means no hardware costs, no software to install, no expensive infrastructure to go wrong. All the data is backed up, secure and running on a disaster recovery platform with multiple failover availability. If so much as a light flickers, it’s fixed before you know it.

Calendar & Diary

Good organisation starts with a good schedule. The calendar view makes it easy to see upcoming jobs and their various statuses. Drag and drop functionality makes changes simple and intuitive and of course, everything is updated in real time

Manage Your Documents

A picture says 1000 words. Documents and photos can be uploaded and attached to any job in the system, at any time. This can even be done from your mobile devices, meaning engineers can report back issues effectively and efficiently.
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